Tech Services

We want to change your water quality for good!

Spon Water provides you with systematic solutions to follow on what can often be a not-so predictable path. Bob Spon brings the ability to measure your efforts and eliminate the “what-to-do-next” guesswork that follows lab testing.

Water Quality Profiling

Profiling water quality is accomplished by taking a snap-shot of the chemistry and interpreting the data to provide options to optimize treatment, meet regulatory compliance, and maintain the highest quality at the consumers tap. Bob Spon performs computer modeling analysis that casts an image of what your water looks like, tastes like, and more importantly what potential damage the water chemistry may inflict on your infrastructure or what protection you may gain by adjusting the chemistry.

Langelier Index, Aggressive Index, Ryznar Index, Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Potential (CCPP), Larson’s Ratio, Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC), corrosion control graphing, optimal pH for treatment, lead/copper control guidance, chemical dosage rates for optimal economics and water quality.

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